Dynamic and powerful – Two Crossings over Highway A8

Dynamic and powerful – Two Crossings over Highway A8
sbp 01.03.2012

The highway between Stuttgart and Karlsruhe has been renewed with three lanes in each direction and several new crossings. We have designed two single span structural concrete frame bridges with 60 m and respectively 70 m span. The bridges are constructed without joint and bearings; the deck and the abutments are one monolithic structure.The bridge deck consists of two traffic lanes and one lane for pedestrians and cyclists. The deck is a simple slab being supported at the sides by “arch-shaped” shear-walls (Fig. 1). As the deck has no intermediate supports and the height of the arch-wall is reduced, the shape of the bridges looks very dynamic and remarkable.The following article describes the conceptual design and the structural behavior of the bridges and gives some explanation about the construction process.


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