Olympiastadion Kiew

Olympiastadion Kiew
sbp 01.06.2012

Olympic Stadium Kiev. The Stadium Kiev boasts a long and varied history that began in 1914. Built on the former fringes of the city, it is now in the center of Kiev. Over the years the stadium was rebuilt several times, in order to prepare for more and bigger events. The maximum capacity of the stadium, with two complete tiers and more than 100,000 seats, was reached in 1968, but then in subsequent conversion work reduced for more security. The stadium still bears the name “Olimpijskyj” since in 1980 several competitions of the Olympic Summer Games took place in Kiev. Before the conversion for the Euro 2012 the stadium still had a lot of sometimes very badly preserved relics, such as Olympic-reliefs, mosaics and paintings, received which testified it´s great history. The focus of the new architectural concept was to design a lightweight unobtrusive structure, which dispensed from space-consuming elements.


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