Art sculpture made of glass - Qwalala designed by Pae White

  • © Stanze del Vetro
  • © Stanze del Vetro
  • © Stanze del Vetro
Art sculpture made of glass - Qwalala designed by Pae White
sbp 11.05.2017

On the occasion of the inauguration of the 2017 Biennale del’Arte in Venice a monumental new glass sculpture designed by the American artist Pae White became open to the public. 


The outdoor sculpture "Qwalala" consists of a curved wall made of solid, hand casted glass-bricks with an individual weight of 23 kg. The artwork is located opposite Le Stanze del Vetro on the famous Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. 


With a height of 2.40 m and a length of 75 m the wall’s shape was developed by the artist out of thousands of computer-generated possibilities and consist of thousands of hand-cast glass bricks, which shine in different colors inspired from Roman glassmaking. 


The stones which are partially colourless were hand-casted by a local glass studio. Inspired from Roman glassmaking culture the other glass bricks shine in muted blues, greens, pinks, grey and browns. As shown in earlier pieces the artist combines traditional craftmanship and advanced engineering to a technical complex but seemingly simple art sculpture. 


Pae White will also produce new editions in Murano glass for Le Stanze del Vetro. 


schlaich bergermann partner was responsible for the structural analysis and design of the structure. 


"The result can be understood as both a sculpture that is evocative of architecture and architecture that is evocative of sculpture" so Le Stanze del Vetro.


Detailed information can be found here:


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