Back to the (Olympic) roots

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Back to the (Olympic) roots
sbp 13.09.2018

We are excited to stay connected to the Olympic tent roof in Munich, Germany, which is so important to our office.

Due to its close connection to our office’s history, the light rope net construction has a special significance to schlaich bergermann partner: Almost 50 years ago, the Munich Olympic roof – virtually the forefather of all lightweight structures – was designed under the direction of Günther Behnisch, Frei Otto, Fritz Auer, Jörg Schlaich, Rudolf Bergermann and others. The Olympic tent roof thus represents one of the first major projects that our two office founders jointly managed.

In order to be able to preserve the listed building for the public, the current condition of the entire roof construction is to be recorded. Together with the team from Feix Ingenieure, Munich, we were commissioned with the recalculation and structural inspection of the complete cable-net roof structure.


We are looking forward to an exciting project, which we are going to present here as well as on our social media channels in the upcoming month. 

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