July 23, 2024

Construction Update of Lindach Bridge in Schwäbisch Hall

Construction work on the Lindach Bridge in Schwäbisch Hall, a dual-span pedestrian and cycle bridge over the Kocher River, is progressing rapidly. The innovative timber hybrid structure consists of a timber-concrete composite girder made of glulam timber beams. With a slender construction height of only 35-90 cm in, it spans approximately 32 meters over the river.


An important milestone was the successful installation of the elegantly shaped timber beams in September 2023. The hybrid construction enables a stable and weather-resistant structure. The concrete deck, spanning about 3.40 meters wide, is shear-resistantly connected to the timber, serving both as a load-bearing surface and protection against weather elements.


The bridge completion and additional surrounding works are scheduled for spring 2024. This new link will provide a direct connection for pedestrians and cyclists between the station and the so called ‘Unterwöhrd’island.