July 23, 2024

Launching of Oderbrücke

Today, the launching of the rail bridge over the Oder River near Küstrin, about 90 kilometers east of Berlin, was successfully completed. The main span of the new network arch bridge now connects the German and Polish bank sides.

After the pre-assembly of the main span on the west side was completed, work started for the launching operation towards the east bank. A part of the side span was being used as launching nose to push the main span over the river using two temporary support towers. After its destruction in World War II and subsequent reconstruction, it was in operation for almost 100 years. However, due to its structural condition, the bridge required a replacement structure.

In a design competition, Knight Architects with Schüßler-Plan prevailed with their design for the new replacement structure. It envisaged a network arch bridge connecting Germany and Poland with a main span of 130 meters. The executed bridge structure is based on an alternative technical proposal developed by sbp using a network arch with carbon hangers and follows the architectural design intent of the competition design.



sbp’s scope:
Alternative design and detailed design of the network arch bridge superstructure with carbon hangers including side spans, erection engineering, technical support on site and in the workshop.

A big thank you to the whole team involved in the realization of this project:
DB Netz AG, DB Zentrale Technik, EBA, HRA, CarboLink AG (carbon suspension cables), EMPA, MPA, GMG, GuD, Baugrund Dresden, Schüssler-Plan, Sächsische Bau GmbH, Mostostal and Mammoet.