July 23, 2024

New Maritime Pier for Timmendorfer Strand

In Timmendorfer Strand, a municipality located on the Baltic Sea coast of Germany, demolition work on the existing maritime pier has started at the end of January 2021. After falling into a state of disrepair, the sea bridge from 1976 is to be replaced by a new structure that will create an attraction for tourists and visitors.  In an EU-wide competition, schlaich bergermann partner prevailed with an innovative design for the bridge and was commissioned with the construction and lighting design.

The new pier is designed as a sturdy, integral structure with a life span of 100 years. Its supporting structure kconsists of a jointless hollow steel box girder with steel cantilevers welded to the sides, and a deck made of resistant timber planking. In contrast to the preceding footbridge and thanks to its organic, curved shape, the pier offers a circular path with various views of the sea and the coast on a total of 427 meters. At the foremost point of the bridge and at the branching point of the deck, seating areas are integrated into the pier, providing spaces to stay and even for smaller events. In addition, two boat docks are planned. 


An appropriate lighting concept is planned for the pier to illuminate it at night when the level of light on the beach is very low. The illumination enables a pleasant  and safe stay on the sea bridge without lighting up the surrounding area. Lighting lines integrated in the timber deck show the walkway, while the vertically illuminated platforms lead subtly, but nevertheless noticeably, to the seating areas. 

The opening of the maritime pier in Timmendorfer Strand is scheduled for August 2022.