July 23, 2024

Swimming opera reopened

After three years of construction, Hamburg’s largest swimming pool, the ‘Alsterschwimmhalle’ has reopened its doors to the people. Over the past few years, the so-called “Swimming Opera”, which was already planned by our office founder Jörg Schlaich as responsible engineer, has been extensively renovated, modernized, and extended.

The grand opening took place last week with an impressive music, dance and swimming show. On this evening, invited guests had also the opportunity to take part in guided tours through areas of the building that are normally closed to the public. As of this week, Hamburg’s residents can now make full use of the pool with its sports and sauna area.


The primary goal of the refurbishment was to get the swimming pool from the 1960s future-proof while at the same time preserving the historical building. This included the renovation of the two adjoining hyperbolic parabolic shells of the imposing roof, as well as a new building that ideally complements the swimming pool’s facilities. The result is a building that meets modern requirements and yet lovingly showcases the historic landmark.