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New York

555 8th Avenue, Suite #2402, New York NY 10018, newyork@sbp.de, +1 212 255 3682

Expertise paired with creativity as the foundation for outstanding engineering design.

Our philosophy is based on collaboration and integration.

Since 2004 we have been designing structures in North America and around the world for clients out of our New York City office. We work with multidisciplinary teams of architects, engineers, and owners toward a common goal of excellence in design and construction.  We are licensed engineering service providers and also work with local engineers.  It is our deep conviction that the best project results are achieved by continuously engaging our creative group of engineers, from the beginning of a competition or commission until the implementation of the design in the field.

We design exciting structures.

With a diverse array of experience in buildings, bridges, stadia, glass roofs and facades, we design unique structures informed by innovation and driven by imagination. We use conventional materials in inventive ways and develop techniques for modern materials like fabric, glass, carbon fiber, and plastics to push the technical boundaries of the industry.    We are committed to improving the built and natural environment, and are pioneers in integrating structures and sustainability.

Each structure is unique.

Our work is centered on the desire to develop project specific structural solutions that are distinctive and efficient.  For this we work to continuously improve on every project.   Our designers bring curiosity and creativity along with an understanding of the principles of engineering.  We aim to understand and achieve the design intent and find ways to make every project better. We bring insight to the design team to turn challenges into opportunities.



Our office in New York

In 2015 schlaich bergermann partner celebrated the tenth anniversary of our office in New York. To commemorate, we have launched a website that chronicles the establishment of the office and some of the exciting projects and collaborations from our first decade.


Please join us in looking back at our work, as well as looking forward to great projects for many years to come.


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555 8th Avenue, Suite 2402
NY 10018 New York
+1 212 255 3682

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