São Paulo

Rua Afonso Braz, 473, cjs. 113-114, 04511-011 São Paulo, saopaulo@sbp.de, +55 11 2691 0874

We want to be where our projects are to achieve the best possible result.

Our São Paulo office is responsible for our branch sbp latin america.

Our engineers and designers are committed to mastering all challenges grouped around architecture, engineering, and energy infrastructure.


As part of our internationally established sbp network, we contribute our experience and engineering quality to the work of local teams. This way, we can also be present in Latin America and give our very best at all times.


Through this global approach, our offices in Germany, USA, France, China, and South America are able to support our projects locally and internationally because we can create the partnerships and collaborations where we are. 


We strive for creative and ambitious teamwork to achieve the best possible results, preferably from the preliminary design to the execution of a building. 

We provide expertise, creativity, stamina and teamwork.

Construction projects of any kind benefit from our expertise, creativity, team spirit, courage and our stamina.


Our portfolio includes bridges, sports facilities and other buildings, façade projects, towers and solar power plants. With our philosophy “light weight structures” we aim at contributing to sustainable projects and to make the world a little bit better than it currently is.


Tried and tested materials combined with modern and rediscovered materials, such as textile, glass, synthetics, and carbon fibre applied in intelligent and increasingly, in adaptive structures can help create new technical boundaries.

We always strive to find the optimised solution.

Our strength is the ability to create outstanding and efficient structures, which are unique, but nevertheless based on reliable, tested technologies and principles.

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Miriam Sayeg

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70197 Stuttgart

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