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Crossing of Francs-Moisins

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In preparation for the Paris 2024 Olympics, this new pedestrian and cycle bridge provides a direct and barrier-free connection between the Francs-Moisins – Bel Air district of Saint Denis and La Plaine Stade de France.
The new crossing replaces an inaccessible arched pedestrian bridge and a decommissioned swing road bridge at this dense urban site. While the existing pedestrian bridge will be removed and relocated for future use, schlaich bergermann partner proposed to reuse the deck of the old road bridge to create a new, accessible canal crossing for pedestrians. This allowed for a truly sustainable design approach where materials from the road bridge were used in a similar configuration with minimal deconstruction and reconstruction required. Additionally, material like the existing steel was stored, inspected, and reconditioned in situ directly adjacent to the new site, helping to minimize transport emissions.
Seating and pedestrian/cycle pathways were then integrated into the spacious 43 ft deck which was extended with ramps and stairs to create an enjoyable and accessible pedestrian experience. On the right bank, the ramp will be used to create attractive public spaces, sports fields and landscaping on the wide Place du Francs-Moisins, while also guiding traffic flows from a future tramway stop planned nearby.
This pioneering approach makes the project an exemplary example of sustainable reuse for large scale infrastructure.

Saint Denis, France
Explorations Architecture
August, Technosol
Plaine Commune
Project Responsibility
Michael Zimmermann


Technical Data

52 m
13 m
37 m
Total length of both steel ramps
226 m




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