• HelioFocus 500 m² Big Dish - Prototype

HelioFocus 500 m² Big Dish - Prototype

Dimona, Israel, 2012

The HelioFocus Dish is a solar concentrator with 219 mirror facets arranged in a Fresnel-like array. The steel structure is based on a stiff torque box with seven extended cantilever arms. The Mirror consists of bent glass with five point supports. A turn table out of steel hollow box girders and concrete ballast weight is supported on four double wheels and a circular crane rail. The azimuth (vertical axis) and elevation (horizontal axis) is driven by hydraulics.
Two different types of receivers were used. First a power conversion unit for generation of hot air (1000 °C) resp. steam via heat exchanger was installed. This unit can be replaced with a micro gas turbine at a later on.
Steel- and concrete construction including the drive technology were developed by schlaich bergermann und partner. The receiver development was done by HelioFocus.

  • Location

    Dimona, Israel

  • Client

    Heliofocus Ltd.Ness Ziona, Israel

  • Our Scope of Work

    conceptual design, detailed design, supervision of fabrication and erection, commissioning; including drive system, electrics and control

  • Dish size 27.5 m x 25.7 m
  • Mirror surface 493 m²
  • Total mass 130 t
  • Focal length 14 m
  • Steel mass 73 t
  • HelioFocus 500 m² Big Dish - Prototype
  • HelioFocus 500 m² Big Dish - Prototype
  • HelioFocus 500 m² Big Dish - Prototype

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