Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong

Hong Kong, 2004

The cable net wall forms the facade for the lobby of the 38 storey office and hotel complex with a shopping arcade. The facade spans in vertical max. 18 m between the floor and the first ceiling and 13 m in horizontal direction between the building columns. The curved cables in horizontal and vertical direction are pretensioned against each other. The glass is detached from the cable net, the dead load is carried by additional vertical cables. Wind loads are transferred to the cable net by stainless steel struts. The glass panels that also carry the wind loads in the corners brace the façade.

  • Location

    Hong Kong

  • Architect

    Wong & Ouyang, Hong Kong

  • Cooperation

    Hugh Dutton

  • Client

    Swire Properties

  • Contractor

    Gammon Skanska (Gebäude/buildings), Gartner HK (Fassade/facade)

  • Our Scope of Work

    construction design

  • Span 18 m vertical,
    13 m horizontal
  • Height 18 m
  • Cables spiral strand, stainless steel
  • Facade area 2,000 m²
  • Glass laminated sheet glass 12+12 mm,
    approx 3.25 m x 3.25 m,
    point supported
  • Cast elements stainless steel castings, shot-blasted
  • Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong
  • Three Pacific Place, Hong Kong © Hartl oder Gartner

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