• Worli Bandra Sea Link

Worli Bandra Sea Link

Mumbai, India,

schlaich bergermann und partner was commissioned with the independent check of the initial design of this unconventional cable stayed bridge. This design is defined by a central A-shape concrete tower (mast), two main spans without backstay cables - stabilized on either side by a monolithic connected end span - and a deck which is split into two carriageways each carrying four lanes. The deck is supported by four cable planes with a cable spacing of 7.5 m. The deck cross sections are 3-cell concrete box girders which are post-tensioned in the transverse direction. The deck will be fabricated of precast concrete deck elements each 2.5 m in length and weighing about 100 t. The elements will be connected via joint-gluing and longitudinal post-tensioning during construction. In the end, a different structural concept was implemented.

  • Location

    Mumbai, India

  • Client

    Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Ltd.

  • Our Scope of Work

    independent check of initial design including global analysis and erection analysis (2002 - 2005)

  • Total length 4,700 m
  • Width of deck 2 x approx. 20 m
  • Height of mast 158 m
  • Spans main bridge 50 - 250 - 250 - 50 m
  • Height of box girder 3 m

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