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We follow design principles to build towers, roofs, façades, and bridges. It is a synthesis of traditional construction methods, our research and state-of-the-art technology.

Successful building requires us to be at the cutting edge and to maintain high standards from the first idea to the completion.
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Our field of work is the design and planning of building constructions, special constructions, and structural engineering. With awareness for what is essential we want to cultivate an open cooperation with clients, architects and fellow engineers. 


From the first design idea to the realization of a project we are technically innovative and strive for holistic solutions. We thus direct our skills towards a contribution to building culture.


We render our engineering services worldwide, wherever our approaches and goals are perceived as support and as a contribution to construction projects. For, we believe that every project deserves the attention that makes it special. We are there for you, wherever you need us. Please contact us:

Our Scope of Work

Our services cover all design stages from the preliminary design to detailed structural design, and the supervision of construction work on site. We are in close contact with teaching and research faculties at universities which allows us to conduct experimental studies (such as testing of materials and building components, and wind tunnel tests) and to incorporate them into our work.

Our areas of operation are:
  • bridge engineering projects for foot and cycle path, road, and railway bridges.
  • building construction, high-rise buildings for any kind of occupancy
  • sports arenas e.g. stadiums, sports halls and swimming pools, multi-functional arenas
  • glass-steel structures, cable structure, membrane constructions
  • structures for large spans, such as for trade fair buildings, airports, railway stations
  • towers and other special structures
  • movable, adaptive operable structures.
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We work on
  • geometry development, form-finding and structural optimization
  • integral construction methods in bridge engineering projects
  • application of special materials, such as high-strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, textile membranes, carbon fibre, infra-lightweight concrete, as well as classic concrete and steel construction, and all composite materials.

Introduction to moveable structures

schlaich bergermann partner sees moveable structures as an integral part of engineering. Innovative, adaptable, and economically efficient buildings are a response to our evolving and competitive environment. 


Read more on: moveables.de


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