Moveable Structures

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Light-weight structures 12.04.2016

Moveable Structures

The art of building requires ever increasing creativity levels. Despite the fact that we take it for granted that blinds and radiators, for example, can be programmed, adaptable and moveable structures are rather exceptional in daily life and the demand for flexible buildings is constantly growing. 



Stadiums for instance are expected to multi-function and accommodate all sorts of large events, not only football matches or other sports.

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That is why moveable structures are vital to schlaich bergermann partner’s designs. We are excited about elegant, lightweight, resource efficient structures that augment and add value to a building because of its flexible use.


Adaptable and moveable engineering further enhances sbp sonne and its capacity to provide market-leading competence in the solar energy sector. sbp recognised early on that renewable energy plays an increasing role in the building industry and has consistently delivered cutting-edge technology.

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Some time ago moveable structures were not considered very durable or resilient. Today, however, because of new materials and technologies, it is possible to economically integrate adaptive functions.


sbp is one of the very few engineering practices providing decades-long experience in this field. Examples of our work include the Moveable Membrane Roof for the Town Hall square, in Vienna, the Retractable Membrane Inner Roof for the National Stadium Warsaw, and the Three-Span Bascule Bridge at the harbour basin, in Kiel.

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Moveable structures illustrate the work and values of schlaich bergermann partner. The designs are examples of ingenuity and the state-of-the-art engineering in pioneering technologies and the use of materials, thus constructing lightweight and resource efficient structures.


From roofs, bridges, parabolic trough collectors, and dish concentrator systems to the experimental Carbon Fibre Stress-Ribbon Bridge, moveable structures are strong and flexible, allowing for integral adaptive functions.

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We see moveable structures as an integral part of engineering. Innovative, adaptable, and economically efficient buildings are a response to our evolving and competitive environment. In renewable energies, intelligent moveable structures mean maximised capabilities in energy absorption and structural resilience. In our eBook and on the Microsite we tell our story with moveable engineering in the hope of inspiring your vision for the future.

The ebook was developed for iPad or Mac and is available for download on iTunes. 

To extend the availability of the ebook to all other internet users, the company developed a micro website.


Moveables Website


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Introduction movie on moveable structures

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