September 12, 2023 - 11:00 am | eurosteel 2023, Amsterdam

Enabling Re-Use: Stadium 974

As part of the 10th Eurosteel conference, sbp Managing Director Christoph Paech will deliver his keynote “Enabling Re-Use: Stadium 974”. The innovative concept of the modular container stadium shows which possibilities exist to keep components and materials longer in the building cycle.

Considering possible options of re-use and the partial deconstruction of grandstand capacities is no longer a rarity in the design of sports venues. Stadium 974 goes one step further – as a fully modular structure, it can be completely and easily deconstructed and reused. In addition to using the entire stadium, alternative configurations are also possible. Individual parts, for example, can be reused as free-standing grandstands or circular arenas. Thus, a pioneering structure for circular building has been created worldwide.

Further information on the presentation and the Eurosteel conference in Amsterdam can be found here.

Christoph Paech