Enthusiasm for ideas off the beaten track. Cooperation in international teams. Designing, optimising and generating innovative solutions.

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Due to our generalist profile we are able to provide a comprehensive offer of professional and consulting services.


Our enthusiasm for innovation coupled with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team complement our interest in finding exceptional solutions to the engineering problems we face. We are constantly seeking cost-effective and lightweight designs that require the minimal use of materials down to the perfect balance of essential qualities.


The pillars of our success lie on more than 40 years of experience and our personal commitment to excellence, in our curiosity and passion for engineering, and last but not least, on our team spirit.




We are looking for smart people - at all time!

You are enthusiastic about your work.

You are curious, open minded, communicative and a team-player.
You are a talented and motivated young professional or an experienced expert engineer.


We welcome unsolicited applications

We look forward to hearing from you!


We all work in collaboration with one another

Our multidisciplinary and multifunctional teams comprise structural and mechanical engineers, architects, draftspersons, mathematicians, scientists, IT specialists, managerial and administrative staff, all working towards achieving the same goal: tackling exceptional, demanding, and challenging tasks.


We foster team work, the exchange of ideas, and we strive to share information throughout our offices so that we can support each other. Our Intranet is available to all employees worldwide and in our offices’ coffee-breaks, we discuss the projects and work we are involved with. We provide technical presentations and cross-office workshops. We run regular project meetings in person and through media conferences.


Team play is vital for our work whether in Stuttgart, Berlin, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Paris or Madrid.




We offer everything from a single source

We are an independent, owner-managed engineering firm.
We plan long-term and act with foresight. And we always strive towards offering interesting work and secure jobs. Our most important asset is our staff. We invest in our employees and offer them many opportunities to develop their skills: Such as a mentor programme to show newcomers the ropes, regularly scheduled chaired experience exchanges for “young engineers”, individual support during project work, advanced specialist training in workshops, and the monthly info sessions for all staff members in the office.

Attractive locations worldwide

Our Stuttgart headquarters is housed in a modern and energy efficient building ensuring a comfortable temperature controlled environment filled with natural light. We have an open plan office distributed in six levels, with a number of meeting rooms and quiet spaces. Our common area is located on the first floor, where we have a well-equipped kitchen and a nice lunch area that is greatly appreciated by our staff. 


The office is conveniently located in the very central Stuttgart-West with easy access to public transport. The building also offers underground parking facilities and a safe space within the underground garage for bicycles. For our cyclists and the comfort of our employees and visitors we offer shower rooms and limited locker spaces. Another facility is the existence of two supermarkets near us located on the ground level of our building.


Our offices are conveniently located in major international capitals cities. Berlin, Paris, Shanghai, New York, and São Paulo are vibrant metropolitan cities offering a multitude of possibilities to our staff and visitors to our offices. We foster teamwork and strive to offer a comfortable space for a pleasant work environment.

Working for schlaich bergermann partner

Students, graduates, experienced professionals and experts are welcome to learn about us and apply to become a part of our team.

Experienced Professionals

We count with the experienced professionals in our company to deepen their knowledge and assume responsibilities within their field of work. Starting as planning engineers, our employees can develop to work as project managers and beyond. There are many possibilities for knowledge transfer and exchange of experiences amongst our peers to support personal and professional development.

Entry Level Professionals

University graduates of a civil- or structural engineering program holding a Bachelor or a Masters's Degree, state certified technicians holding a college certificate program and draftspersons that completed their apprenticeship will start their career as a project team member receiving further "on-the-job training". Entry level professionals are supported and trained by experienced colleagues and a mentor whilst working on projects and getting familiar with our office standards. Additional guidance is provided through an employee orientation plan. Regularly scheduled staff appraisals during the settling-in period reflect and optimise the new employee’s development.




We offer civil and structural engineering students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the engineering profession and project work through an internship.

We are flexible regarding the length of our internship programs, however, we generally request the candidate to be available for a minimum period of three months after having completed a minimum of five semesters of studies.

Applying theory is essential for a successful start into a future career. Through an internship you can get acquainted with our offices, and we can get to know you. Perhaps you will then write your thesis with us, and stay working with sbp when you completed your education.

Professional orientation

If you have not yet finished school, you can apply for a career counseling internship together with a group of peers to get a taste of the world of structural engineering.


For a first impression the website, which was initiated by the German Association of Consulting Engineers (Verein Beratender Ingenieure) offers you captivating insights into the professional life of structural engineers.




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