25, rue du Général Foy, 75008 Paris,, +33 (0)1 44 82 07 95

Engineering expertise and enthusiasm for extraordinary solutions in the building industry


Our French office has moved


We are pleased to announce that our Parisian branch office has moved to a new location:


25, rue du Général Foy, 75008 Paris


Our new space suits our employees, clients and partners' needs better.


You may call us at +33 (0)1 44 82 07 95 or email us at paris@sbp.deWe look forward to hosting our next meeting in our new office space.





Our office in Paris

Our office sbp france was founded only in January 2015, but it is nevertheless rich in experience.
For more than 10 years our francophone team has worked on projects in France, Benelux, North Africa and Switzerland. It participated in renowned design competitions, Design&Build- and PPP-Projects and successfully completed challenging building projects. The most recent large-scale project is the bridge to Mont St Michel, a project where we were involved as Maîtrise d’oeuvre (project managers) right from the beginning of the design and concept stage up to the execution stage. This way we were able to contribute the whole range of our engineering expertise.


We are driven by our enthusiasm for high quality, technology and architecture. Our aim: to enrich every project through this enthusiasm in combination with long-standing expertise, and to achieve the best result possible.
By setting high standards and desiring to achieve the highest quality feasible in building design we became a partner of those who want to succeed.

Proximity and Expertise

Proximity and expertise are the most essential parts of our teamwork when developing intelligent and efficient structures together with the architects. With our expertise we want to make a contribution and help turning every project into something very special.


It is important for us that our French speaking partners benefit from the whole range of schlaich bergermann partner’s know-how. Every bit of experience of everybody on the team counts. Therefore we also get colleagues involved from our other offices.
With our physical presence in Paris, sbp france is a committed and trustworthy partner for architects and clients to develop unique projects.

Our expertise and the services we provide

Whether we work on French or international projects, sbp france’s expertise is the development, assessment and realisation of complex load-bearing structures. We work in close dialogue with French speaking planning partners, investors and clients.


Scope of services:

  • Maitrise d'oeuvre (MOE): Design and execution
  • Assistance technique à la Maitrise d'Ouvrage (AMO): Professional consulting for clients
  • Etude d'exécution: Detailed structural design and consulting for contractors working on complex load-bearing structures
  • Contrôle technique: Inspection and  'value engineering'


The right assignments for us are technically challenging, extraordinary building projects. Our portfolio ranges from bridges, sports arenas, and building construction to filigree glass roofs and façades. We are the experts for optimised and efficient lightweight structures. A number of international building awards confirm this claim.

Your contact person:

Michael Zimmermann

25, rue du Général Foy
75008 Paris
+33 (0)1 44 82 07 95

Schwabstraße 43
70197 Stuttgart

+49 711 64871-0