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10 Baoqing Road, Room 606, Building #2, Shanghai 200031, China, shanghai@sbp.de, +86 21 5423 1251

With our expertise we want to shape the future of building design in a cooperative and open manner. Because quality is our top priority!


In our Shanghai office we are driven by our enthusiasm for high quality construction, and our curiosity about new discoveries.

For over 15 years we have been closely linked to the building development in China. Our focus is on the design of remarkable and ambitious architecture from trade fair buildings, sports arenas, glass and steel structures to high-rise buildings.

With an open mind for any form of cooperation we create exceptional architecture, fit for its particular location. On these grounds we want to work on the projects from the design stage to the approval of the building application (Overcode). This way we can make sure that the most sophisticated designs get built.

Our services in Shanghai

Structural engineering for technically challenging and outstanding projects.
High-rise buildings, sports arenas, trade fair buildings, glass roofs, free-form structures and membrane construction.
From the design competition, and different design stages (SD, DD, CD) to the overcode.

What is the difference?

Whenever we take on an assignment our aim is to achieve the lightest, most efficient, simply the best solution for each respective context. We do not strive for the implementation of a quick fix, but we want to make a contribution to the creation of exceptional buildings. Our success is based on expert knowledge and dialogues among the entire design team.

The team in Shanghai

Strong teams and competence from Germany and China are in charge of these projects.
With our experience from international projects, paired with our expertise we achieve the best results possible.

Wei Chen

David Sommer

Sven Plieninger

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