Our checking engineering division relies on a team of qualified and experienced structural engineers to contribute to the success of ambitious building projects.

We place great value in quality control; therefore, we rely on the experience of our engineers, the Vier-Augen-Prinzip or the “two-person rule”, and the indispensible use of cutting edge analytical tools to ensure we support developments in construction technology.

Our checking engineers

Mike Schlaich

Prof. Dr. sc.techn.

Jochen Gugeler


Who we are

We are specialist structural checking engineers for concrete and steel structures, providing independent technical analysis, site supervision, spot checks, site inspection, and construction administration and management worldwide.


Our responsibility is to ensure that errors are corrected during the design stage. This approach contributes to the successful progression of the construction phase and the project.


Our offices comply with specific local building regulations and the ethical responsibilities of the structural engineering profession.

We assume a position of collaboration and partnership with designers, contractors, and clients and not just supervisory authority. Establishing a common goal of building a safe structure is crucial to the identification of problems.


With the extensive international expertise of schlaich bergermann parter, access to research and development, and specialist capacity to design highly engineered and complex structures, we are able to successfully manage different construction technologies and challenging projects.

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  • Vivekananda Brücke
  • Taz Building © E2A
Our Areas of Work
  • Bridge Design and Construction – complex cable structures, composite structures, prestressed concrete structures
  • Buildings and skyscrapers
  • Sporting structures, including stadia, sport halls and swimming pools, multifunctional venues and arenas
  • Cable, membrane and glass-steel structures
  • Long span structures ranging from convention centres and exhibition halls to airports and railway stations
  • Towers, spires, and other special structures
  • Moveable, adaptable and operable structures

Additional experience

  • Form finding, advanced modelling, and structural optimisation
  • Construction of integral bridges
  • Use of special materials including high-strength steel, stainless steel, aluminium, textile membranes, carbon fibre, infra-lightweight concrete, and composite materials

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Your contact person in Stuttgart and Berlin

Jochen Gugeler


+49 711 64871-0

Thomas Schoknecht

+49 30 8145283-19

Schwabstraße 43
70197 Stuttgart

+49 711 64871-0