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schlaich bergermann partner


We are ambitious in the search for lightness and efficiency in our design solutions.

schlaich bergermann partner are independent consulting engineers. 


Since our founding in 1980, the design and construction of innovative structures has been the focus of our work. Our projects include long span lightweight roofs, many different types of bridges, slender towers, innovative buildings, moveable structures, and pioneering solar power plants.


As generalist structural engineers we aim at cooperating with all parties involved in the planning process. We work in close collaboration with our clients and partners, architects, specialist engineers, contractors, and the industry. We work with dedication, in a team with long-standing experience, and with a curiosity and passion for engineering.


Our three key subjects are

Structural Design, Checking Engineering and Solar Power Technology


They all bear schlaich bergermann partner’s hallmarks.

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Ingenieurpreis des Deutschen Stahlbaues
Ulrich Finsterwalder Ingenieurbaupreis
Deutscher Brückenbaupreis

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Our global presence counts with a multidisciplinary team of more than 190 members engaged in designing and delivering technically sound solutions to a range of engineering problems. 


The heartbeat of our company lies in our Stuttgart headquarters. Berlin extends our presence in Germany, and through Mike Schlaich, strengthens our engagement with research and development as his professorship at the Technical University of Berlin offers our engineers the opportunities to test materials and deepen our theoretical understanding of engineering and the applications of new technologies.


Our involvement in prestigious international projects require that we operate globally and to better serve our clients we have office branches in New York, São Paulo, Shanghai, Paris and Madrid.


Our office was founded by Jörg Schlaich and Rudolf Bergermann. Since then, our ambition is to design lightweight, efficient and innovative structures, whilst considering the social dimension inherent to our work.

Jörg Schlaich

Rudolf Bergermann


Today, Knut Göppert, Andreas Keil, Mike Schlaich, Sven Plieninger and Knut Stockhusen in Stuttgart and Michael Stein in New York head the firm as managing partners. 


For our managing directors it is important to have a personal relationship with clients, architects and team members, which involves their active engagement with every project they lead.

Managing Directors

To tackle today’s challenges of planning and building and to cover the multitude of tasks, our Partners are supported by the Managing Directors.

Markus Balz leads our solar division (sbp sonne). Together with Mike Schlaich, Jochen Gugeler is responsible for our checking engineering division. The expertise that their experience provides is of significant value to the independent review and supervision required of this function of engineering in Germany and worldwide. Miriam Sayeg and Michael Zimmermann lead our offices in São Paulo und Paris.

Markus Balz

Jochen Gugeler


Miriam Sayeg

Michael Zimmermann


Our directors are responsible for the various technical and administrative departments of schlaich bergermann partner and thus play a decisive role.

In our offices in Shanghai, New York and Madrid, Wei Chen, Powell Draper and Enrique Goberna hold this position. Jannika Erichsen, Lorenz Haspel, Stefan Kammerer, Christoph Paech, Boris Reyher, Frank Schächner, Gerhard Weinrebe (sbp sonne), Philipp Wenger and Michael Werwigk maintain this role in our offices in Stuttgart and Berlin.

Wei Chen

Powell Draper

Jannika Erichsen

Enrique Goberna

Lorenz Haspel

Stefan Kammerer

Christoph Paech

Boris Reyher


Frank Schächner

Gerhard Weinrebe


Philipp Wenger

Michael Werwigk

Associate Directors

The Associate Directors provide full support to the Partners and Managing Directors in our branch offices abroad and work closely with them both in day-to-day operations as well as on strategic matters.

Robert Hellyer, David Sommer, Herminie Metzger and Andreas Pfadler hold this position in our offices in New York, Shanghai and Paris.

Robert Hellyer

Herminie Metzger

Andreas Pfadler

David Sommer

Special Unit Leads

Over the past years, we have identified four main areas of focus that we are continuing to advance further: Conceptual Design, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Lighting Design and Construction Management. Our Leads Daniel Gebreiter, Ana Llinares, Christiane Sander and Mathias Widmayer are appointed to plan and coordinate the promotion of these special units.

Daniel Gebreiter

Ana Llinares

Christiane Sander

Mathias Widmayer


Only an experienced and multidisciplinary team can successfully meet our ambitious goals and quality standards. This is reflected in the cooperation with clients, architects, and fellow engineers, but even more so in the collaboration amongst our colleagues. 

We are all courageous enough to see these challenges as opportunities. Every team member makes a contribution to achieve the overall goal. This is how schlaich bergermann partner can act as a generalist. 

Would you like to send an e-mail to one of our staff?

Our e-mail addresses use the following formula:

First letter of the first name.surname@sbp.de

Example: m.mueller@sbp.de

(for umlauts, please use ae, oe or ue)



  • Povilas Ambrasas
  • Jérémie Amsler
  • Sarah Arbes
  • Anna Lena Assel
  • Nada Babin
  • Eden Bales
  • Markus Balz
  • Ron-Marten Behnke
  • Tilo Behrmann
  • Rudolf Bergermann
  • Dan Bergsagel
  • Horst Binz
  • Evgeniya Borovleva
  • Nicolas Bouchet
  • Andreas Brodbeck
  • Camilo Bueno
  • Simone Burggraf
  • Anne Burghartz
  • Uwe Burkhardt
  • Stephanie Büsch
  • Sabrina Caneschi
  • Xu Cao
  • Juliana Carvalho Martins
  • Jorge Chenevey
  • Michael Cox
  • Miriam Cuypers
  • Birgit Dephoff
  • Ria Dierichen
  • Ulli Dillmann
  • Hao Ding
  • Matteo Dini
  • Max Dinkelaker
  • Max Dombrowski
  • Powell Draper
  • Simon Durand
  • Stefan Dziewas
  • Jannika Erichsen
  • Fernando Escamilla
  • Thomas Fackler
  • Lars Feller
  • Frauke Fluhr
  • Martin Frank
  • Hansmartin Fritz
  • Manuel Fröhlich
  • Dmitrii Garin
  • Daniel Gebreiter
  • Enrique Goberna
  • Verena Göcke
  • Knut Göppert
  • Birgit Graupner
  • Carolin Groß
  • Fabian Gross
  • Sebastian Grotz
  • Jochen Gugeler
  • Dagmar Häfele
  • Sandra Hagenmayer
  • Lorenz Haspel
  • Matthias Heidt
  • Nadine Held
  • Robert Hellyer
  • Lukas Hennings
  • Michael Herrick
  • Stephan Hollinger
  • Gustavo Jacomini
  • Patrick Jagiella
  • Monika Jocher
  • Shawn Johnson
  • Stefan Justiz
  • Brinda Kakkad
  • Stefan Kammerer
  • Nikola Kardzhiev
  • Thomas Keck
  • Andreas Keil
  • Thomas Kemmler
  • Susanne Klauser
  • Bernd Klostermann
  • Andras Kovacs
  • Amal Kraiyem
  • Burkhard Krenn
    Dr. techn.
  • Gustav Krieg
  • Christine Kritzer
  • Sebastian Krooß
  • Jens Kuhn
  • Anna Kulzer
  • Katharina Kunz
  • Matthias Längle
  • Camille Lauras
  • Jack Lehrecke
  • Sebastian Linden
  • Ana Llinares
  • Giovanni Lunelli
  • Marion Macaudiere
  • Simon Madlener
  • Andrea Mangold
  • Mauricio Mantilla
  • Florian Markert
  • Brigitte Marquardt
  • Ludwig Meese
  • Moritz Meiselbach
  • Cecilia Menge
  • Herminie Metzger
  • Thomas Moschner
  • Jörg Mühlberger
  • Andreas Nägele
  • Sandra Niebling
  • Daniel Nieffer
  • Mathias Nier
  • Johanna Niescken
  • Christoph Paech
  • Matthias Peltz
  • Samo Pergarec
  • Andreas Pfadler
  • Roberto Piñol
  • Sven Plieninger
  • Jiangchang Qiao
  • Boris Reyher
  • Klaus-Jürgen Riffelmann
  • Bas Rongen
  • Bernd Ruhnke
  • Alberto Sanchez
  • Christiane Sander
  • Miriam Sayeg
  • Frank Schächner
  • Jürgen Schilling
  • Nicole Schillo
  • Jörg Schlaich
  • Mike Schlaich
    Prof. Dr. sc.techn.
  • Laura Schmidt
  • Andreas Schnubel
  • Hans Schober
  • Thomas Schoknecht
  • Vanessa Schönfelder
  • Dieter Schorr
  • Julia Schuler
  • Axel Schweitzer
  • Miguel Serrano
  • Jiahua Shang
  • Fernando Sima
  • Frank Simon
  • Christine Smith
  • David Sollner
  • David Sommer
  • Michael Stein
    P. E.
  • Daniel Stiegler
  • Knut Stockhusen
  • Klaus Straub
  • Cornelia Striegan
  • Eva Sundermann
  • Stephanie Thurath
  • Benjamin Touraine
  • Chih-Bin Tseng
  • Rebecca Veit
  • Justine Verhaeren
  • Olga Wagner
  • Petra Wagner
  • Irena Walter
  • Jakob Weber
  • Jinyang Wei
  • Wei Chen
  • Gerhard Weinrebe
  • Rüdiger Weitzmann
  • Philipp Wenger
  • Michael Werwigk
  • Mathias Widmayer
  • Werner Wolfangel
  • Philipp Wölm
  • Minya Xu
  • Wen Yin
  • Zengzhi Yu
  • Isabella Zerbe
  • Michael Zimmermann
Povilas Ambrasas, Jérémie Amsler, Sarah Arbes, Anna Lena Assel, Nada Babin, Eden Bales, Markus Balz, Ron-Marten Behnke, Tilo Behrmann, Rudolf Bergermann, Dan Bergsagel, Horst Binz, Evgeniya Borovleva, Nicolas Bouchet, Andreas Brodbeck, Camilo Bueno, Simone Burggraf, Anne Burghartz, Uwe Burkhardt, Stephanie Büsch, Sabrina Caneschi, Xu Cao, Juliana Carvalho Martins, Jorge Chenevey, Michael Cox, Miriam Cuypers, Birgit Dephoff, Ria Dierichen, Ulli Dillmann, Hao Ding, Matteo Dini, Max Dinkelaker, Max Dombrowski, Powell Draper, Simon Durand, Stefan Dziewas, Jannika Erichsen, Fernando Escamilla, Thomas Fackler, Lars Feller, Frauke Fluhr, Martin Frank, Hansmartin Fritz, Manuel Fröhlich, Dmitrii Garin, Daniel Gebreiter, Enrique Goberna, Verena Göcke, Knut Göppert, Birgit Graupner, Carolin Groß, Fabian Gross, Sebastian Grotz, Jochen Gugeler, Dagmar Häfele, Sandra Hagenmayer, Lorenz Haspel, Matthias Heidt, Nadine Held, Robert Hellyer, Lukas Hennings, Michael Herrick, Stephan Hollinger, Gustavo Jacomini, Patrick Jagiella, Monika Jocher, Shawn Johnson, Stefan Justiz, Brinda Kakkad, Stefan Kammerer, Nikola Kardzhiev, Thomas Keck, Andreas Keil, Thomas Kemmler, Susanne Klauser, Bernd Klostermann, Andras Kovacs, Amal Kraiyem, Burkhard Krenn, Gustav Krieg, Christine Kritzer, Sebastian Krooß, Jens Kuhn, Anna Kulzer, Katharina Kunz, Matthias Längle, Camille Lauras, Jack Lehrecke, Sebastian Linden, Ana Llinares, Giovanni Lunelli, Marion Macaudiere, Simon Madlener, Andrea Mangold, Mauricio Mantilla, Florian Markert, Brigitte Marquardt, Ludwig Meese, Moritz Meiselbach, Cecilia Menge, Herminie Metzger, Thomas Moschner, Jörg Mühlberger, Andreas Nägele, Sandra Niebling, Daniel Nieffer, Mathias Nier, Johanna Niescken, Christoph Paech, Matthias Peltz, Samo Pergarec, Andreas Pfadler, Roberto Piñol, Sven Plieninger, Jiangchang Qiao, Boris Reyher, Klaus-Jürgen Riffelmann, Bas Rongen, Bernd Ruhnke, Alberto Sanchez, Christiane Sander, Miriam Sayeg, Frank Schächner, Jürgen Schilling, Nicole Schillo, Jörg Schlaich, Mike Schlaich, Laura Schmidt, Andreas Schnubel, Hans Schober, Thomas Schoknecht, Vanessa Schönfelder, Dieter Schorr, Julia Schuler, Axel Schweitzer, Miguel Serrano, Jiahua Shang, Fernando Sima, Frank Simon, Christine Smith, David Sollner, David Sommer, Michael Stein, Daniel Stiegler, Knut Stockhusen, Klaus Straub, Cornelia Striegan, Eva Sundermann, Stephanie Thurath, Benjamin Touraine, Chih-Bin Tseng, Rebecca Veit, Justine Verhaeren, Olga Wagner, Petra Wagner, Irena Walter, Jakob Weber, Jinyang Wei, Wei Chen, Gerhard Weinrebe, Rüdiger Weitzmann, Philipp Wenger, Michael Werwigk, Mathias Widmayer, Werner Wolfangel, Philipp Wölm, Minya Xu, Wen Yin, Zengzhi Yu, Isabella Zerbe, Michael Zimmermann
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