Technology Innovation Award CSP PLAZA 2017

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Technology Innovation Award CSP PLAZA 2017
sbp 07.06.2017

On June 14, Stellio Heliostat won the CSP PLAZA Technology Innovation Award“, placing first among a strong field of international competition.


During the China International CSP Station Conference & CSP PLAZA 2017 Annual Conference in Hangzhou, China, the Stellio team received the award for Stellio, an innovative heliostat developed by sbp sonne in collaboration with our partners Ingemetal and Masermic.


It offers a paradigm shift to solar technology, because its new axis arrangement allows the use of cost-efficient linear actuators for both axes. The cost-effective pentagonal structure and precise optics at low manufacturing costs result in a significantly improved cost/performance ratio.


Congratulations to the whole sbp sonne team! 


Read more about the project here: Link

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