In exchange with research and science

We keep in touch with current developments in the fields of research and academia thanks to our close ties to universities and colleges based on the professorships of key employees and partners, and by participating widely in national and international lecture events. In addition, our employees are involved in teaching events and lectures, seminars, and workshops to incorporate current research and findings into our project work and contribute to the international transfer of knowledge.

Innovative construction approaches for the future

To meet the challenges in the building industry posed by a growing world population, climate change and several other multi-faceted changes, we focus strongly on research and development.

New construction techniques are being developed, tested and implemented. Engineering and building structures using new approaches and materials requires a pioneering spirit and represents a major part of our efforts to make the world of construction sustainable and future-proof.

schlaich bergermann partner is significantly involved in the development of new materials and their implementation. We are researching carbon as a material for carbon fiber polymer cable systems and reinforcements, infralight concrete and many more.

We develop light-weight floor systems to reduce concrete and cement and plan long-span facades with invisible carbon tensile elements.


We collaborate closely with experts from all over the world. With Prof. Dr.-Ing. Arndt Goldack from Bergische Universität in Wuppertal, we discuss for instance questions on the dynamics and vibration optimization of structures and implement insights gained in our projects.