Lightweight Structures

Lightweight Structures

© sbp, Ingenieurbüro Wolf, Stadtwerke München, Olympiapark München
© Studio Sohaib

Our enthusiasm for lightness and transparency

Filigree, elegant, resource-saving lightweight structures are a signature feature of schlaich bergermann partner’s work. For more than 40 years, we have been developing efficient, statically and geometrically optimized structures that impress with their lightness and transparency. In this way, we not only contribute to the overall architectural appearance, but also protect the environment by reducing structures to their most minimal footprint.

Moynihan Train Hall
© Lucas Blair Simpson/Aaron Fedor, Empire State Development | SOM
Roof for Munich Olympic Stadium 1972
Panoramic Tower Killesberg
© sbp/David Sommer
Brasília National Stadium
© Marcus Bredt
SPM Swimming Stadium Delhi
© schlaich bergermann partner / Knut Stockhusen
Maracanã Train and Metro Station
© sbp/Knut Stockhusen

Elegance that conserves resources

In addition to its elegance and efficiency, lightweight construction is above all resource-saving. The lighter the structure, the less material is needed for the supporting structure, making it more efficient and sustainable. This reduces manufacturing and operating costs and saves valuable resources. In addition, lightweight buildings can be easily deconstructed thanks to the predominantly homogeneous materials and, above all, offer the opportunity for adaptation due to their great flexibility. Thanks to their versatile use, lightweight structures offer great added value in architecture.

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