Solar Technologies

Solar Technologies

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Our contribution to climate-friendly energy generation

The largest source of energy available to mankind is the sun. Year after year, a radiant energy of about 1.5×1018 kWh or 5,461,000 exajoules hits the earth’s outer atmosphere. This is approximately ten thousand times the world’s current primary energy consumption (2018 approx. 580 exajoules).

With our subsidiary sbp sonne, we have been active in the field of renewable energies for over 35 years. We design, develop and implement innovative solar technologies – and thus make a significant contribution to climate protection. Today, sbp sonne is one of the most experienced engineering companies for solar technology worldwide and manages specialized and innovative development projects worldwide.

We offer a wide range of services in the field of solar engineering

• Design of photovoltaic systems and trackers
• Development of floating PV systems
• Development of agriculture PV systems
• Development of parking lot PV systems
• Integration of PV systems in large buildings and sports facilities
• Energy optimization of building concepts
• Design and planning of parabolic trough collectors and arrays
• Design and planning of tower solar power plants (heliostats, heliostat field layout, tower)
• Design and planning of point concentrating systems: CPV, Dish/Stirling
• Heliostat field control and target point strategy software
• Drive concepts for solar tracking
• Concentrating systems for high temperature chemical processes
• Energy storage technologies (thermal and mechanical)

Multidisciplinary for a better future

Our multidisciplinary team at sbp sonne come from the fields of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, physics, and thermodynamics. Our decades of interdisciplinary experience, which extends from structural design into the fields of thermodynamics, propulsion technology, optics, software development, series production and cost reduction, enable us to offer integrated system solutions. In this way, we develop overall innovations and thus technologically cost-efficient, future-oriented systems.

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K2 Floating PV
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