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Flexibility sets us apart

Multifunctionality and adaptivity are important factors for flexible and sustainable buildings and structures. For schlaich bergermann partner, movable and adaptable structures are an integral part of engineering and one of our core disciplines. Over decades, our specialized knowledge in this field has grown, making us the leading partner for buildings and structures with integrated movable, adaptive and mobile components. 

The complexity of designing and implementing movable systems requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. We have the full range of know-how and provide mechanical, electrical, electronic and structural expertise.

Al Janoub Stadium
Roof over Barahat Al-Nouq Square
National Stadium Warsaw

Sign of the times

Innovative, adaptable and economically efficient structures are a crucial response to the ever-changing demands of our built environment and surroundings. By designing movable structures with flexible uses, we can respond to external influences and future project demands. This also leads to sustainable project contributions, as our structures can be designed to allow for adaptations over time. Our movable designs can be found in bridges, stadium roofs and canopies, buildings and solar power plants. We are proud to be one of the few engineering firms with a wide range of projects in this field.

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