Lighting Design

Lighting Design

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We bring light into the dark

Light is a versatile medium and, as a design element, must be strategically and harmoniously combined with material and structure. We recognized the need to incorporate lighting design into the design process several years ago. For more than 20 years now, our team has been setting new standards in building and especially bridge lighting. We accompany competitions and projects from the first lighting studies to on-site tests and implementation.

Bridges in Riedlingen
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Footbridge TRUMPF

Put in the right light

In the last decade, LED has established itself as a technology that is permanently changing public spaces and making light available as an unlimited resource. Small, efficient and versatile, it is suitable for any lighting task. Light and structure go hand in hand and create hierarchies in which the spatial structure becomes clearly recognizable. The identity-creating quality we create through this approach creates safe, visible and distinctive public spaces.

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