Lighting Design

Lighting Design

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We do more than bring light into the dark

As a design element, light is a versatile medium that can be strategically and harmoniously combined with structures, materials and space. For more than 20 years now our team has been setting new standards in the lighting of structures, and especially bridges, with a holistic approach that begins with developing lighting schemes early in the design process. Our deep understanding of engineering, lighting and their optimal interaction makes us critical and creative planning partners for illuminated spaces. Our work accompanies competitions and projects from the first lighting studies to on-site tests and implementation.



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Finding the right light

In the last decade, LED has established itself as a technology that has permanently changed public spaces and made light available as an unlimited resource. This has allowed lighting design to increasingly become a focus of evening and nighttime sites and structures. At the same time, the impact of light pollution on the environment is a source of concern and rising public awareness. This challenges us to think of solutions and lighting designs that provide high-quality “designs of darkness”.

Bridges in Riedlingen
Footbridge Piussteg
Footbridge TRUMPF

Maintaining identity and character

Appropriate and specifically designed lighting ensures that the special atmosphere of a site and the potential of a structure in its setting are preserved even at night.

At the end of this process, light and structure work hand in hand to enhance the overall safety of the site, illuminate and accentuate the shape of our designs, and make spatial arrangements and transitions clearly discernible for users.

Our integrated approach to lighting design creates dynamic public spaces and unique visual identities for projects that are exciting to encounter.


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