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In the sense of the four-eyes-principle

schlaich bergermann partner is active as review engineers for structural engineering in the specialist areas of concrete and steel construction. Whether on behalf of the building supervisory authorities or on behalf of clients – we inspect plans for load-bearing structures and monitor the execution of construction projects in the national and international market.

In doing so, we place the highest value on quality assurance and, with our four-eye principle, ensure that errors in design or execution are found and prevented, thus making a valuable contribution to the success of the project. We are driven by teamwork and proactively contribute to problem solving and the safe realization of construction projects.

We check all types of buildings and structures

• Bridge construction (sophisticated cable structures, composite structures, prestressed concrete or integral construction methods)
• Structures and high-rise buildings
• Sports buildings, e.g. stadiums, sports and swimming halls, multifunctional arenas
• Steel-glass structures, cable structures and membrane buildings
• Structures for large spans such as trade fairs, airports or railroad stations
• Towers and other special structures
• Moveable, adaptive and changeable structures
• Geometry development, form finding and static optimization issues
• Exceptional materials and various composites

Your partner for safety

We ensure compliance with technical building regulations and consideration of current developments in construction technology. We do not see ourselves as a control authority in the classical sense, but as a strong partner for designers, contractors and owners. With the common goal of building a valuable and safe structure in mind, we support all parties involved in the construction process in identifying and eliminating problems.

Thanks to our many years of experience, our close ties to research and development, and the knowledge gained from our global project work, schlaich bergermann partner brings the necessary knowledge and specialized expertise to every project to successfully and quickly review, verify and inspect even complex construction projects.

House of One – check engineering
EDGE Tower Berlin (ETB) – check engineering
Bauhaus Archive Berlin extension building – check engineering

Other expertise

We look forward to your message

Dr. Ing. Jochen Gugeler
Structural Checking Engineer
Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich
Structural Checking Engineer
Thomas Schoknecht
Coordination Structural Checking Berlin