Our founders Jörg Schlaich (*1934-2021) and Rudolf Bergermann (*1941) were guided by the principle of Baukultur (the culture of building and the building of culture) and shaped our office and work around the holistic art of structural engineering coupled with a strong social commitment. Their belief that “the art of building is indivisible” is fundamental to our work today.

art of building is indivisible

1953 – 1959

Jörg Schlaich during his studies of civil engineering, Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, TU Berlin

1959 – 1961

Jörg Schlaich, Lecturer, Master of Science, Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland OH, USA

1961 – 1966

Rudolf Bergermann: Studies of civil engineering, Technische Hochschule Stuttgart


Jörg Schlaich starts working with Leonhardt und Andrä, Stuttgart

Jörg Schlaich: PhD, Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, Fritz Leonhardt, F. W. Bornscheuer


Start of planning, Olympic Roof, Munich


Rudolf Bergermann starts working with Leonhardt und Andrä


Jörg Schlaich becomes partner with Leonhardt und Andrä


Jörg Schlaich nominated full Professor, Technische Hochschule Stuttgart, Institut für Massivbau


Consistant design and detailing of RC structures using Strut-and-Tie Models (STM)


Attempt to revive shell construction with fibre RC

Thin metall membranes for light roofs and solar dishes


„Deutscher Stahlbaupreis“: Solar Updraft Tower – Pilot Plant Manzanares


Jörg Schlaich und Rudolf Bergermann establish Schlaich + Partner


Jörg Schlaich: First Honorary Doctor, Universität Hannover


Development of tooth connectors for the transfer of large concentrated loads from steel into concrete


Holistic approach and assessment of engineering structures


Jörg Schlaich und Rudolf Bergermann are awarded the Fritz-Schumacher-Preis


Hans Schober becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner and later takes over the managing direction of the new office in New York.


Andreas Keil becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner


Jörg Schlaich: Emil-Mörsch-Denkmünze


Wolfgang Schiel becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner and later takes over the solar division.

Excursion of the office to Berlin


Mike Schlaich, Andreas Keil, Knut Göppert and Sven Plieninger travel to Paris for the exhibition L’Art de l’Ingenieur


Knut Göppert becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner


Mike Schlaich becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner


Sven Plieninger becomes partner of schlaich bergermann und partner


Jörg Schlaich gets honoured with the Werner von Siemens Ring.


Jörg Schlaich is awarded the Fritz-Leonhardt-Preis

Knut Göppert, Andreas Keil, Sven Plieninger and Mike Schlaich become the new partners and Directors of schlaich bergermann und partner


leicht_weit exhibition at the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in Frankfurt


Mike Schlaich is appointed as professor, Chair of Conceptual and Structural Design at the Technische Universität Berlin

schlaich bergermann und partner goes to America: inauguration of the office in New York with Hans Schober as Managing Director


Summer fairytale I „The FIFA Football World Cup in Germany under our roofs“

Rudolf Bergermann receives an honorary doctorate from the Technical University in Cottbus


Jochen Gugeler becomes checking engineer and together with Mike Schlaich establishes sbp prüfingenieure gmbh

Excursion of all offices (Stuttgart, Berlin, New York) to Madrid


Markus Balz, Thomas Fackler, Knut Stockhusen and Michael Werwigk become Associates

Michael Stein becomes Managing Director of our New York office

Establishment of schlaich bergermann und partner, sbp sonne gmbh Consulting Engineers for renewable energy, with Wolfgang Schiel as Managing Director


Markus Balz becomes Managing Director of sbp sonne gmbh

Summer fairytale II: „FIFA World Cup in South Africa“

Inauguration of our office branch in São Paulo, Brazil, with Miriam Sayeg as Associate Director


Michael Stein becomes a Bedford Visiting professor at the Renssellaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York

Mike Schlaich and Knut Göppert become member of the Construction Convention (Baukonvent)


Relocation of our headquarters to Schwabstr. 43


Inauguration of a new office branch in Shanghai with Wei Chen as Associate Director

Office Excursion to the Olympic Park in Munich


Prof. Dr. Jörg Schlaich celebrates his 80th birthday with a weekend of workshops and social events with the presence of our offices from around the world in Berlin

First eBook of schlaich bergermann und partner is launched

Summer fairytale III: Germany wins the Football World Cup 2014 in Brazil


Knut Stockhusen joins the Board of Directors

Christoph Paech becomes Associate of schlaich bergermann und partner

Inauguration of a new office branch in Paris, France, with Michael Zimmermann as Managing Director

Office ski trip to Hochfügen, Austria


In December, multilayered—engineered variety, the new book by schlaich bergermann partner is published in German (original language) and English.


Inauguration of a new office branch in Madrid, Spain.

In the beginning of the year, Jannika Erichsen and Stefan Kammerer are appointed as directors.


Jörg Schlaich passes away on September 4 in Berlin at the age of 86. His life and legacy will continue to shape the work and identity of schlaich bergermann partner.

David Sommer becomes Director in our branch office in Shanghai.

In 2021, Enrique Goberna and Frank Schächner become directors.