Sustainable Engineering

Sustainable Engineering

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We focus on sustainability

Every construction project shapes the environment and thus our future. We accept this responsibility and recognize the opportunities it presents. Regardless of the size, type and location of a project, our focus is to positively impact communities where our projects are located and to protect the environment as much as possible.

Ecological change also concerns our clients. We provide future-oriented advice and respond to pioneering trends through innovative design. In this way, we support our partners and clients in realizing our mutual sustainability goals.

Reducing embodied carbon

We determine the environmental impact of the structures we design using life cycle assessment (LCA). The findings from the LCA are incorporated into design decisions and material selection as early as the initial concept stages. In addition to common industry benchmarks, our in-house CO2 dashboards serve as target values in the design. Adapted material specifications ensure further emissions efficiency. As a result, we reduce the environmental footprint of our structures to a minimum.

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Closing loops

Every component that is reused does not need to be produced again. With our expertise in circular construction, we help conserve resources and reduce emissions. This includes planning ahead for deconstruction and reuse as well as designing with reused components. The circular value chain not only reduces negative environmental impacts, but also increases the building value for our clients.

Extending service life

The preservation of existing buildings and structures forms another essential component of our expertise in sustainable construction. One focus of schlaich bergermann partner is therefore on the design and implementation of sustainable concepts in existing historic buildings. To do so, we contribute our experience in the retrofit and renovation of existing buildings, while also taking possible future uses of new building structures into account as early as the concept stage.

Research for more sustainability

To drive long-term change, we bring our in-depth technical expertise and a high level of innovation to the research and development of intelligent sustainable construction solutions. We investigate new materials and ideas and apply new and innovative solutions to our projects where appropriate. In our pursuit of continuous improvement, we do not hesitate to break with conventions and promote change and paradigm shifts.

Sustainable energies

sbp sonne has been active in the renewable energy sector for over 35 years. Our team at sonne makes a fundamental contribution to sustainable, climate-friendly energy production by designing, developing and implementing innovative solar technologies. Our range of expertise includes building-integrated photovoltaic systems, large-scale PV systems and PV systems for the public sector. In the field of solar thermal power plant technology, we are the leading international engineering company today. 

Other expertise

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