Our contribution to the built environment

We strive for long-term positive effects on our built environment – in ecological, social and economic terms – in each and every facet of our daily work. In doing so, we aim to make a sustainable and holistic contribution to Baukultur (the culture of building and the building of culture) with each of our structures. Our goal is to combine economic efficiency and durability with formal standards and elegance. We find design inspiration in resource-saving lightweight structures that offer added value through their versatility. Our work is centered on integrating adventurous ideas, innovations and technology in a holistic manner, always with a strong social commitment to the built environment. 

Our office operations are carbon neutral

We want to actively contribute to climate protection, not only through our project work, but also as an office with sustainable operations. Since 2021, we have achieved climate neutrality for all of our office locations. This includes all categories of direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3 according to the Greenhouse Gas Protocol) with a focus on reducing greenhouse gas emissions caused by our office operations. We have set ambitious targets to reduce our emissions from air travel and we are pursuing the optimization of our office processes in terms of energy, paper consumption and waste generation to help us meet our reduction targets. 

We additionally compensate for unavoidable emissions by supporting our partner Africa GreenTec with the planning and implementation of solar plants. This not only saves diesel generators and greenhouse gas emissions, but also gives local people a sustainable and self-determined future, as well as new opportunities for jobs and a steady income. 

A structure’s story

Every building and every project at sbp tells a story – from the idea, through the design, to the implementation. The special features of a project are therefore always highlighted. These stories help us to develop new ideas and translate them into real projects. 

This story is at the heart of all our communications because it helps us to get across our design ideas with precision and to pass them on to others. Above all, the goal of our work is always to make a valuable contribution to “Baukultur”.

We celebrate diversity

We are more than 280 people from over 20 nations, who speak more than 10 different languages. We celebrate our differences and are committed to creating a more equitable and diverse future at sbp. With a focus on inclusivity, no one is discriminated against on the basis of origin, gender, religion or belief, disability, age or identity. Rather team members and managers are selected based on social and professional competence. By promoting cooperation between our employees in a pleasant working environment we hope to give everyone the tools to succeed. One way is to meet regularly at our sbp ‘meet & connect’ event at our headquarters in Stuttgart to exchange ideas in workshops, lectures and during joint leisure activities. It is important to us to support a diverse team and to offer employees an enriching environment and individual development opportunities.

Get to know our team

Projects of outstanding quality can only be successfully accomplished as a team. This applies to the cooperation with all parties involved in the design and construction process as well as to our team.

At sbp, we see challenges as an opportunity to exercise courageousness and thoughtfulness, with each individual making his or her contribution to the whole.