1st prize for the new Architecture School in Siegen

The winning design for the new Architecture School in Siegen by FAKT and Gustav Düsing in collaboration with schlaich bergermann partner has been awarded the 1. prize in the competition. It convinced the jury with its openness, flexibility and delicate supporting structure.

The new school of architecture will relocate from its current location outside the city center to the former printing plant of the Siegen newspaper downtown. The existing building will be enhanced with two additional storeys in timber construction and supported by a filigree steel structure. A lightweight, predominantly tensile load-bearing structure, that is suspended from the roof structure via diagonal steel elements, contributes to the unique aesthetic. It is intended to preserve the existing structure as much as possible, avoid concrete, and utilize materials and construction methods that support reuse and circular construction. The design process involved input from students and lecturers to ensure the space meets actual usage needs. This innovative approach promises a dynamic and practical learning environment for future architecture students.

We look forward to the progress of this remarkable project!