Construction Progress at Indianapolis’ 16 Tech Bridge

sbp and PAU’s collaborative design vision for the new multimodal bridge at 16 Tech has reached an exciting construction milestone with the bridge’s signature “wave” structures now in place. The bridge will connect the 16 Tech Innovation District to Indianapolis’ Research Corridor and Downtown, creating a landmark structure that prioritizes innovation, connectivity, and accessibility.

Since the early days of the project, the construction and design teams have collaborated closely, both on-site in Indianapolis and during the fabrication of the primary steel structure in Cimolai’s workshop in Northern Italy, where the structure was prefabricated and then shipped to the United States for installation.

Following the casting of the four piers and abutments at either end of the bridge, the tree-like columns and primary beams were lifted into place atop temporary shoring towers.

The critical wave geometry, which innovatively interprets the structural principles of a suspension bridge, was subsequently installed, followed by the removal of the temporary supports. The next step will be to pour the concrete deck before the bridge handrail, lighting, and additional architectural features can be installed.

When complete, users will be able to immerse themselves in the tree canopy surrounding Fall Creek and take in new vistas from the cantilevered pedestrian platform on the east side of the bridge.

We are excited to see this ambitious project come to life and support an important new connection for the wider community of Indianapolis.