First Prize in International Bridge Competition

schlaich bergermann partner has created the winning bridge design for an extraordinary road bridge in Shenzhen, China. In the competition for the new bridge, sbp was competing against international star architects as well as renowned bridge design offices.

The Qianhai Linhai-Guiwan River bridge is planned at a prominent location along the Corniche Road in Qianhai, a newly emerging urban district of Shenzhen. Designed as a double arch bridge, it spans the river with a total length of 208 m and a width of 57 m. The asymmetrical design of the arches emphasizes the view towards the city center and Qianhai Bay area. Framing the inner fast traffic, the arches also separate it from the pedestrian and bicycle path. For the design, extremely complex boundary conditions had to be taken into account, as there are several subway and highway tunnels running directly under the bridge’s location.


In the competition, we teamed up with the local design institute SUCDRI 上海市城市建设设计研究总院(集团)有限公司. Construction of the bridge is scheduled to start in early 2021.