Completion of footbridge at Angers-Saint-Laud railway station

It is our great pleasure to announce the completion of the new footbridge at Angers-Saint-Laud railway station in Angers, France. Connecting the station district with a rapidly growing residential area, the bridge represents an important link. Together with Dietmar Feichtinger Architects, schlaich bergermann partner won the 2016 competition for the pedestrian bridge.

With a total length of 130 m, the bridge stands out due to its slender curved design, featuring a series of timber frames that provide for a dynamic look. Becoming more dense towards the center, the timber frames support the roof structure that protects pedestrians and cyclists crossing from wind and rain. The integral structure of the bridge supports the dynamic impression.


We are delighted to see the bridge completed that allows for a safe and comfortable crossing of the tracks at Angers-Saint-Laud. Congratulations to the whole team involved!