July 19, 2022 - 6:00 pm Hospitalhof, Büchsenstraße 33, 70174 Stuttgart

CreativeDays Stuttgart 2022: Well-Being Design and Spaces

Organized by poonamdesigners Studio, the CreativeDays SYMPOSIUM invites international designers, architects, urban planners and thinkers to share insights into their lives and work following the theme of “Wellbeing Design and Spaces” and talk about the future of sustainable, circular design, materials and architecture. Using examples from their current projects, they trace pressing questions about how circular design and sustainable building practices are important for the future of cities: How can we design and promote the circular system? Which materials are sustainable? Which kind of architecture and spaces should be designed to support the Well-Being of people? How have places to be designed to serve and remain people’s health? Christiane Sander, Lead Lighting Design at sbp, will contextualize these questions in relation to lighting design in public spaces and present the impact of lighting concepts and well-being using numerous examples. She will be joined by Rahul Kadri of IMK Architects, Mumbai.

CreativeDays is an interdisciplinary platform founded by poonamdesigners with partners and supporters in 2016 in Stuttgart to promote international exchange in design, art, architecture and urbanism. One focus is Mumbai – the twin city of Stuttgart. The platform consists of a symposium and accompanying events that take place at various locations.

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Christiane Sander