October 19, 2023 - 3:15 pm | Stockholmsmässan, Stockholm

Re-inventing Globen

The new layout for Avicii Arena will help to transform the Globen into a state-of-the-art venue and enhance the experience for ice hockey games, concerts, and other events. The new structure foresees a floating cable net pringle suspended from a cone truss superstructure. This superstructure is supported on the uppermost level of the existing Globen structure. The fully accessible cable net provides maximum freedom for different rigging layouts. To acoustically enhance the performance space, retractable acoustic panels are supported by the cable net and can be operated on demand. On the east and west sides of the arena, additional seating gondolas are installed to bring the viewers closer to the action on stage.

Retrofitting an existing arena with such a structure is challenging: First, the building had to be examined to understand and quantify its structural system, geometry, and performance. A 3D finite element model was created afterwards based on execution drawings, old archive maps and photographic analysis of construction pictures. Based on this model, several components of the existing structure will make way for the new design and sit on top of the existing structure in each radial axis. The project is currently under construction and will be soon ready for service in spring 2025.

sbp Managing Director Knut Stockhusen will present the project at the Swedish Steel Construction Day in Stockholm.

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Knut Stockhusen