Footbridge opened at Backnang train station

The pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks at Backnang’s train station is now officially open. The new 63-meter-long structure replaces the outdated bridge from the 1950s and is part of the new infrastructure for the Backnang “mobility hub”.

Besides facilitating transfer routes and connecting to the new central bus station, the pedestrian bridge will provide a barrier-free connection between Backnang’s city center and the adjacent “Maubacher Höhe” district once the elevators have been installed.

The superstructure of the new city bridge consists of a steel box girder with two integrated longitudinal stiffeners and is monolithically integrated into the south abutment. Three Y-shaped supports are placed at regular intervals to support the structure. LED lights integrated into the handrail of the railing ensure safe illumination of the bridge and the stairs leading to the tracks.

Dismantling of the old pedestrian bridge began with the completion and approval of the new city bridge, and was finished within a few days.