Replacement of the Gertrauden Bridge in Berlin

schlaich bergermann partner is pleased to announce that we won the competition for the new Gertrauden Bridge in Berlin, together with SINAI Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH, OBERMEYER Infrastruktur GmbH & Co. and ENGUITA & LASSO DE LA VEGA.

The jury selected our design from a total of seven proposals in a European wide, non-open competition. The reason for the competition was the structural condition of the existing bridge from 1978, which needs to be replaced due to structural defects and deficiencies.

The winning concept convinced the jury because it not only envisages the construction of the bridge, but also considers the urban design of the adjacent Spittelmarkt. A slender structure with a reduced span is envisaged for the design of the new Bridge, which is planned to be significantly narrower than the previous structure.



In its decision, the jury gave the following reasons:

“The selected concept proposes to free Spittelmarkt from all the separating embankments that were created during the car-friendly expansion. In this way, this central square can become greener and more suitable for everyday life. It was right to make not only a new bridge but the square a planning task. The bridge design of the new replacement is characterized by its slenderness combined with a reduced span.”

We look forward to further planning with our team.