DETAIL engineering 1: schlaich bergermann und partner

Supporting structures and architecture as a single entity

Interdisciplinary construction between continuity and Innovation

“Architecture cannot be divided, as manifest construction and ecological efficiency have the same importance as functionality and design standards in all buildings. Form and supporting structure are only convincing when they merge in a building into a single entity that cannot be questioned and is understood as a component of a comprehensive building culture.” In the spirit of this maxim by Jörg Schlaich, the Stuttgart-based engineering office, schlaich bergermann und partner, has been working successfully with various architects on the international level and on a very wide range of building projects for over 30 years. Innovative and comprehensible buildings are the focus, also following the shift to a new generation, as are integrated thinking, constructing and acting.

This first volume of the new series, DETAIL engineering, will present the philosophy, working methods and interdisciplinary approach used by the engineers at schlaich bergermann und partner. The presentation of current projects in all of their major aspects, as well as specialist articles by a large number of authors, will show clearly why this engineering office operates successfully as one of the most renowned firms of its type in the world, without losing any authenticity in its work.