Ingenieurbaukunst 2023

Die neue Ausgabe des Jahrbuchs Ingenieurbaukunst zeigt wieder eine Auswahl der wichtigsten aktuellen Bauwerke Made in Germany und diskutiert die Zukunft des Planens und Bauens.


Charakter zeigen

Mit ihrer markanten Gebäudeform ist die Hamburger Alsterschwimmhalle weit über die Hansestadt hinaus bekannt geworden; insbesondere dank der Dachschale, die Bauingenieur Jörg Schlaich in den

Elbbruecken train stations in Hamburg

The Elbbruecken train stations form an important infrastructure hub connecting the eastern part of Hamburg’s HafenCity (harbor redevelopment area) with the city center. Due to

A convertible roof for Weinschloss Thaller

Convertible roofs and facades open up new possibilities for owners and operators to use their building. By using highstrength building materials in combination with smart

Architecture Guide Germany 2022

The Architecture Guide Germany 2022 offers a general view of 98 buildings, both large and small, prominently situated and hidden away, striking and modest, buildings


Ingenieurbaukunst 2022

Die neue Ausgabe des Jahrbuchs “Ingenieurbaukunst” präsentiert wieder eine Auswahl der wichtigsten aktuellen Bauwerke “Made in Germany” und diskutiert die Zukunft des Planens und Bauens.

Zwischen Tag und Nacht

Licht spielt in der Brückenplanung eine zunehmend wichtige Rolle – nur wenn dieser Aspekt von Anfang an konsequent im Planungsprozess mitgedacht wird, kann das volle

Design of the Yamuna Bridge

Rapid urbanization all around the world, especially in India, has put considerable pressure on the existing infrastructure. Bridges play a key role in infrastructure development

High Strength and Maximum Transparency

Carbon has been used for decades in the automotive and aerospace sectors. The building industry has needed longer to discover the mechanical advantages of the


The new Experimenta in Heilbronn

The extension building of the Experimenta Science Center was erected in Heilbronn until 2019. The highly geometrically challenging building consists of five floors with a

Stable cables

The challenge of juggling multiple projects is one that many structural engineers can relate to, particularly those who work in design offices where their expertise

Nature’s Bounty

While concrete and steel remain the most commonly used construction materials, the case is growing for timber’s use on pedestrian and cycle bridges. Khalifa Bokhammas

Worth a visit: Fanuc Robotics

The Japanese company Fanuc Robotics stands for industrial robots or CNC machining centers. Typical applications of manufacturing automation are vehicle construction or sheet metal working.


multilayered—engineered variety

A book by and about schlaich bergermann partner. multilayered is more than a reference work about their projects or a monograph of a world-renowned structural


schlaich bergermann partner has been an independent engineering office working in the renewable energy sector for over 35 years. Starting out as far back as

Lighter than water

Infra-light concrete: it is lighter than water. It is so light that it insulates. It is so durable that it is load-bearing. With this construction


Development of an innovative membrane material

In contemporary architecture, textile membranes offer a variety of applications. Typically, architecture membranes consist of regular fabric, covered with a protective layer on both sides


Tram Stop at Berlin Main Train Station

On the northern forecourt of Berlin’s main railway station, an important interchange point was built as part of the tram extension from east to west.

Ingenieurbaukunst 2018

The 2018 edition of the annual book “Ingenieurbaukunst” presents the most spectacular current structural engineering projects with significant involvement of German engineers. Published by the

Footbridge across lake “Langer See”

In the new residential and commercial district “Flugfeld” belonging to the cities Böblingen and Sindelfingen, an asymmetric cable-stayed bridge with a harp-shaped array of cables


Ingenieurbaukunst 2017

The book presents the most spectacular current structural engineering projects with significant involvement of German engineers. Published by the Federal Chamber of Engineers, the work

The Weinberg Bridge in Rathenow

The “Weinberg Bridge” in the city of Rathenow some 70 km away from Berlin is an integral lightweight footbridge of 350 m length. It is

Simple Bridges

There are many famous footbridges that have a spectacular, eye-catching design or functionality. They feature extravagant structures, large spans or outstanding locations and they are


Ingenieurbaukunst 2016

Die neue Ausgabe des Jahrbuchs “Ingenieurbaukunst” präsentiert wieder eine Auswahl der spektakulärsten aktuellen Bauprojekte mit Beteiligung deutscher Ingenieure weltweit. Herausgegeben von der Bundesingenieurkammer, ist das

Transparent Shells

First book on form finding and optimization, design and calculation of double-curved, long-span glazed shells. Design parameters, structural analysis and construction details are explained using


Some time ago moveable structures were considered as not durably resilient; today because of new materials and technologies it’s possible to economically integrate adaptive functions.


Ingenieurbaukunst 2015

The book presents the most spectacular current structural engineering projects with significant involvement of German engineers. Published by the Federal Chamber of Engineers, the work


Die Planer von Großsportstätten im Fokus der öffentlichen Meinung (page 367) Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho, Rio de Janeiro (pages 368–375) Das Estádio Nacional Mané Garrincha

3+1 Stadia For Brazil

The architects von Gerkan, Marg and Partners and the structural consulting engineers schlaich bergermann und partner are leading stadium builders worldwide. This partnership of architects



CFRP Tension Elements and Their Anchorages

Progress in civil engineering is highly connected to the appearance of new materials. The materials iron and steel, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete have been

Infra-Lightweight Concrete 2.0

Infra-Lightweight Concrete acts as load-bearing heat insulation and promises durable, sustainable and attractive fair-faced concrete structures. A building made of this high performance lightweight aggregate


For more than 30 years, schlaich bergermann und partner has been an independent engineering office active in the area of renewable energy. Already after the

National Stadium Warsaw

Underneath the foundations of the newly constructed Polish National Stadium rest the wreckage that was removed from the city after the destruction of Warsaw during

Next 3 stadia – Warsaw Bucharest Kiev

gmp architects and the structural engineers schlaich bergermann und partner have designed stadia that have hosted some of the most prestigious sporting events in the


DETAIL engineering 1: schlaich bergermann und partner

Supporting structures and architecture as a single entity Interdisciplinary construction between continuity and Innovation “Architecture cannot be divided, as manifest construction and ecological efficiency have





Fußgängerbrücken. Konstruktion, Gestalt, Geschichte

Das Zusammenspiel von technischem Fortschritt, Phantasie und Funktionsvielfalt bei Fußgängerbrücken – im Vergleich zum Großbrückenbau – anderen Impulsen, die eine unerschöpfliche Vielfalt unverwechselbarer Beispiele bescheren.



Gottlieb-Daimler-Stadion, Stuttgart

Neckar-Stadion, 1933 von Paul Bonatz im Stadtteil Bad Cannstatt errichtet und Heimat des Bundesliga-Fußballvereins VfB Stuttgart, umgebaut (Bild 1). Dabei wurden die Tribünen für 55


Prestessed cable net facades

The invention of prestressed cable net facade for the Hotel Kempinski in Munich in 1989/1990 by Prof. Jörg Schlaich represents a milestone on the way to an

Active and convertible systems

The application of bionics and modern technologiesto light-weight engineering structures and their potential for active and convertible systems is studied in this paper. Looking at

Long span structures

The following article is reporting about several buildings which can be characterized as long span structures. Related to their purpose of use – as places