Elbbruecken train stations in Hamburg

The Elbbruecken train stations form an important infrastructure hub connecting the eastern part of Hamburg’s HafenCity (harbor redevelopment area) with the city center. Due to their immediate proximity to the Freihafen bridges, the design takes up their distinctive steel arches and reinterprets them in a new and contemporary manner. Both stations’ roofs are glazed steel
frames forming semi-circular vaults – one more or less circular in cross-section, the other shallower. A skywalk takes passengers changing trains from one station to the other; this, too, is a
steel structure, prefabricated in the workshop and lifted into place in several segments. The steel components were manufactured in the Hanover workshop of SEH Engineering GmbH,
where individual templates were created as customized product for both hall roofs. Also, a trial assembly was realized in the Hanover plant in each case to check the accuracy of the junctions’ fit.

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