Footbridge across lake “Langer See”

In the new residential and commercial district “Flugfeld” belonging to the cities Böblingen and Sindelfingen, an asymmetric cable-stayed bridge with a harp-shaped array of cables was built over the artificially created lake “Langer See”, which divides the area.

A special feature is the design of the pylon: both pylon legs are curved, in plan as well as in lateral view. They merge at the tip of the pylon where the cable stays are fixed. The curvature of the pylon results in an advantageous minimization of bending stress. The slender load bearing structure of the cable-stayed bridge allows for a virtually unobstructed view over the entire length of the lake. The asymmetric design puts an emphasis on the south bank and creates a striking and at the same time light counterweight to the densely built area of the north shore.

Details about the project are the subject of the article linked below.


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