Next 3 stadia – Warsaw Bucharest Kiev

gmp architects and the structural engineers schlaich bergermann und partner have designed stadia that have hosted some of the most prestigious sporting events in the world—in Germany, South Africa, Brazil, China, and India. For the European Championships in 2012 in Poland and Ukraine, the offices have again partnered to design and realise two new stadia in Warsaw and Kiev that, along with their design for the new arena in Bucharest, represent the state of the art of stadium design. This book tells the stories of the three cities and their stadia and presents the architecture of the new sporting arenas that now provide the Eastern European Football Associations with venues of the highest international standard.

With contributions by André Eichhofer, Knut Göppert, Christian Hoffmann, Falk Jaeger, Volkwin Marg, Annett Müller, Hubert Nienhoff, Thomas Urban, Markus Pfisterer
and Photographs by Marcus Bredt.