Stadtbahnbrücke – built innovation: an integral supported network arch with CFRP hangers

The light rail arch bridge “Stadtbahnbrücke” consists of a central main span and two approach spans. The main span is connected by an 80 m network arch and two protruding truss frames, which continue the swing of the slender arches – not only as sloped concrete supports but also as a visual element that leads all the way to the ground. The span between the footings is 107 m. The free-standing arches are made from tapered steel box girders. A prestressed concrete slab is suspended from the arches by means of two series of inclined carbon hanger cables. The bridge was built for the Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen AG and spans the busy A 8 highway east of the Stuttgart-Degerloch

(B 27) junction. It is an important part of the extension of the U6 light rail line to the city’s trade fair grounds and the airport. The three most important design objectives were a minimal disruption of traffic, an appealing design of the exposed structure as well as a robust and long-lasting design of all components and details. The sloped, crossing suspension cables consisting of carbon tension elements provide a supporting structure that is efficient and visually appealing. The main section of the bridge was manufactured on a temporary supporting frame besides the motorway. Then, during a brief highway closure, it was pushed to its final destination. schlaich bergermann partner was in charge of the entire planning – from design to technical spots check in shop and on site.