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K2 Floating PV

Renningen, Germany,

The D-Dome from K2 Systems is a proven PV module mounting solution for flat roofs. It has been further developed for use on onshore water surfaces such as freshwater ponds and lakes. Air-filled floaters made of HDPE are used as floating elements. The modular design allows a flexible extension of the system. An assembly of 280 modules was considered. In the scope of this development project this concept was dynamically configured for a chosen reference location in the Netherlands.

  • Location

    Renningen, Germany

  • Our Scope of Work

    load assumptions, dynamic strength calculations

  • Modules approx. 35 x 20 m
  • K2 Floating PV © K2 Systems GmbH
  • K2 Floating PV © K2 Systems GmbH

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