New pedestrian bridge in Lauffen am Neckar

Our design for the new town hall bridge in the city of Lauffen am Neckar north of Stuttgart was recently selected by a jury as the winner out of five entries. The bridge connects the island where the historic town hall is located with the rest of the city.


sbp impressed with a slender, minimalist design in which the historic masonry walls on both sides of the river Neckar merge with the concrete flanks of the trough bridge, creating a barrier-free connection with consideration for shipping. The design of the new bridge is reminiscent of the original “Rathausbrücke”.


The hinged single-span girder allows for a minimum of foundations and thus ensures a considerate approach with respect to the historic walls and its surroundings.

Structurally, the single-span girder resembles the characteristics of an arch bridge. The transition of material from steel to concrete in the supporting structure indicates the compression zone of the prevailing internal forces in the girder. While the concrete is under compression, a trough made of structural steel beneath it absorbs the shear forces of the arch. Emphasizing the shape of the arch in sunlight, the lateral webs of the trough are slightly inclined inwards and set back from the outer edge. After dark, this effect is created by the lighting concept planned by sbp.

We are looking forward to the realization in this historic environment!