2nd place in competition for „Herzogsteg”

A decision in the closed competition for the “Herzogsteg” bridge in Eichstätt, Bavaria, has been made: The entry by schlaich bergermann partner and wittfoht architekten proposing an innovative stone bridge, which elegantly combines the traditional material granite with the modern construction method of internal prestressing, wins second place. In total, seven entries were submitted in the competition.

At the award ceremony last week, Eichstätt’s mayor Andreas Steppberger praised the concept and emphasized that the jury’s decision was extremely close.

We proposed a filigree bridge design in combination with a solid material in order to connect the old town of Eichstätt with the modern neighbourhood of Spitalstadt. The idea was to considerably reduce the height of the bridge through internal prestressing of individual granite segments. Nonetheless, a striking structure was to be created by choosing high-quality granite for material.