2nd place in the bridge competition “Mühlendammbrücke” Berlin

In the bridge design competition for the “Mühlendammbrücke” in Berlin, schlaich bergermann partner as a team with grbv Ingenieure won 2nd place. The Mühlendamm Bridge in Berlin-Mitte is part of a significant road section in terms of traffic and urban space between Alexanderplatz and Potsdamer Platz. In future it is also intended to carry a new railway line across the Spree River. Since the condition of the prestressed concrete bridge from the 1960s requires a new structure, the state of Berlin announced a competition for the realization of the project. 


The design by schlaich bergermann partner proposes a restrained supporting structure underneath the deck, providing an uninterrupted view of the Spree River and the Berlin Dome. Existing foundations and parts of the substructures can be reused for the new construction. By resolving the massive pier disks, the crossing under the bridge becomes attractive and bright again. 

The proposed traffic routing reduces the width of the bridge significantly. This allows a barrier-free connection to the riverbank and a newly gained open space that benefits the urban area. At the same time, the bridge offers all users sufficient space and flexibility in all phases of use. de

schlaich bergermann partner congratulates Arup Germany in collaboration with Cobe architects on their winning proposal.